My self-published book did much better than the books I published with either St. Martin’s or Random House. But I can’t say I have a preference. In the case of my self-published book, I had a large niche audience. I also had the knowledge of how to reach my readers. So, that book did much better than when the first edition of the same book was published by St. Martin’s. My MG novels were published with Random House, which “privished” them. (Privishing is when a publishing house makes no effort to market or promote a book.) Only one of my books made back its advance, the other two didn’t. My editor was fine, but the experience was generally negative — apart from being able to say I was published by Random House. Nevertheless, I would have gotten absolutely nowhere had I self-published those novels. The competition is too fierce for MG novels, and I did not have a niche audience. So, for my next book, I will go for a traditional publisher.

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