Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity Newsletter: October 2022

10 Bestsellers That Began as Self-Published Books

46 Writing Contests in October 2022 — No entry fees

100 Calls for Submissions in October — Paying markets

37 Outstanding Writing Conferences and Workshops in October 2022


4 New Agents Seeking Commercial and Literary Fiction, SFF, Nonfiction, LGBT and more

Agents Looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers


7 Graphic Novel Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly From Writers

3 Horror and Dark Fiction Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts


Why I Love Weird Al … and Other Word Crimes

How to Win Writing Contests and Big Publishing Contracts

8 Reading and Writing Communities That Can Boost Your Platform

Disengaging from Readers: Dealing with Trolls, Cyber-bullies, and Other Web Cranks



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